• What is Tantra ?

    The answer to this question could last enough to write a book and you can realize that if you search the word “tantra” on the internet.

    I tried to give a short explanation in the section “Tantra” of this website.

    It is important to say that at DND you will find the real tantra massage and not the improvised low level treatments that are often offered in this business.

    Tantra massage is performed both with hands and body using warm oil with a peculiar tecnique that turns the simple massage into a global experience for your body, mind, senses and soul. It has the aim to loosen any physical and emotional boundary through breathing and stimulation of your energy spots (chakras).

  • Is it possible to book 30 minutes ?

    No, tantra massage tecnique requires longer sessions.
  • Times of the sessions are real ?

    Yes, massage times on the website are actual, then you will have extra time to shower and relax of course.
  • Why are you so expensive ?

    Because my service is top level.

    PS: please don’t think that expensive means massage + extras. It is the opposite: you can find extras in cheaper studios while you cannot find upscale tantra massage there and it is what you are paying for.

  • Do you have special sales or discounts ?

    No sorry and please do not ask for it.

    If you are looking for cheaper massages you have a wide choice on the web.

  • Is it a nude massage ?

    Yes, it is. In tantra tecnique clothes are barriers.

    PS: it does not allow any lack of respect that would mean the immediate end of the session.

  • Can I touch/massage the masseuse ?

  • How does the massage end ?

    It ends when it is over. That means please do not ask for any kind of “happy ending”, you can find it easily in cheaper studios.

  • Do I need a reservation? How much in advance should I book ?

    Yes, you need to book. The sooner you book the easier you can find availability.

  • Why can be difficult to find availability ?

    The first reason is because I have mostly regular clients that have priority, the second reason is because I book only a few sessions per day to guarantee top level quality.
  • Is it possible to have services that I cannot find on your website (couples/4hands/shower together..) ?

    No sorry, you can clearly check my services on the website.
  • Can I see pics and pick my masseuse ?

    I am the only masseuse and pics on the website are mine, real and not retouched. However they are there only to show my body type (since part of the massage is made with my body) but I am selling my massage skills and not myself, so you should be interested in my massage and not in my look,
  • Is it possible to have extras ?

    Absolutely no and this is the kind of request that would blacklist you immediately.


“You will discover a place full of positive energy where I will lead you to the highest level of your sensual and emotional experience”

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